y!kes installs its h(app)y mobile access technology at CityFlatsHotel in Holland, Michigan

Indianapolis, IN/Holland, MI 6/15/15

The h(app)y mobile access solution allows guests to use their mobile phones as a secured and convenient key to access their rooms. “This is a great fit for both y!kes and CityFlatsHotel,” says y!kes CEO Ben Robertson. “CityFlats is a modern, hip hotel targeting Millennials and tech enthusiast travelers.” y!kes gives these travelers what they’re looking for: seamless hotel navigation through keyless access.

y!kes’ cloud-based solution uses Bluetooth to allow guests to open doors with their own mobile phones as an alternative to a classic card. Apple iOS and Android smartphone owners use their devices as keys, requiring only a simple touch of the door and a tucked away smartphone.

It is all about choice, convenience and control.
Guests now have the power to be in control of their hotel stay. They may choose to share a mobile key with others, use their phones to access hotel amenities such as the pool, fitness center, business center and more. In return, hoteliers can personalize marketing offers based on the guests’ preferences.

Hotels are attempting to eliminate the cumbersome hotel procedures and are focusing on building brand loyalty with mobile integration. “Knowing consumer behaviors & preferences are key to building brand loyalty, and offering personalized and contextual experiences. Data collection and proximity awareness technology enable businesses to streamline processes, automate operations and reduce costs,” conveys Robertson.

If hotels prefer guests to stop by the front desk to check in, y!kes’ proximity-aware solution allows the hotel staff to reduce the transaction time and engage with their guests on a more personal and productive level. “The front desk staff acts more like a concierge thanks to our solution,” says Robertson.

y!kes is excited to deploy the red carpet and show its unique mobile access solution to the industry’s professionals at HITEC on June 15-18 in Austin, TX.

About y!kes
y!kes is a proximity-aware solutions company.
Combining proximity hardware & software technology, we build the platform leading to increase in customer brand loyalty, as well as in automation & leniency of business operations. In other words, we create h(app)y experiences for both hotels and their customers. y!kes’ solution is lock agnostic. Hotels don’t need to change or upgrade their locks. The solution easily retrofits in existing locksets. y!kes’ solution also allows an easy integration with the major Property Management Systems, through an API-based system.
Hotels have the ability to allow access to any amenity doors around the property based on type of room or floor; and the ability to control time access to these amenity doors.